If you were to describe the inside of Alcor Cold Storage in one word, that word would have to be, well, cold.  It's basically a giant refrigerator and freezer storage space for other local companies to use to keep their products fresh.

"The customers are using us because they don't have the space or the facilities to do that.  So they need that product frozen or held for a longer period of time than they can hold it for," said general manager Jeff Alberico. 

"There's freezer facilities in Cleveland, Pittsburgh or Buffalo and we sit right in the middle of it.  So our local people which are the Welch's or Better Baked, for them to truck it to those places it would be extra cost for them," said vice president James Alberico Jr. 

Inside there are three different areas for storage all with different temperatures.  For example, some are at negative fifteen degrees.  With all the different levels it gives them the opportunity to store just about any perishable product.

"We have stored a lot of stuff here.  All different things.  Mostly we're a food warehouse though.  We've stored for a lot of different companies.  We've had paint here at different times, light bulbs and all different things," said Jeff Alberico. 

It's a unique storage facility, with a unique name.  It's family run, by a father and his three sons, with the last name Alberico.  Shorten down Alberico corporation and you get Alcor.  A name the three brothers are proud of.

"We're from Erie.  We want to stay here.  We don't want to move anywhere.  It's a good hub for us for our business where we're at considering Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Buffalo, that kind of thing, so, it's a good area for us," said manager John Alberico. 

"We've all grown up in the business.  We've all worked in the warehouse.  We've worked our way up in the business.  So we know all the aspects of the business and what it demands of us," said James Alberico Jr. 

And at times, they admit, it demands a lot.  But they wouldn't have it any other way.

"It's your thing.  That's what makes you want to come and do good.  You know what I mean?  It's not somebody else's, it's part of your family," said John Alberico.