Need a sign?  If so, you can head to one of Signs Now's 200 locations across the country, including the one on West 23rd St. in Erie.

"Signs Now is a franchise that our main goal is to help customers with solutions to their signage problems," said owner Sue Hawley. 

Hawley has owned the location for eight years now, but so far last year was her favorite.

"Business is very good right now.  Last year was a record year.  So if the economy is coming around, I am seeing it here," she said. 

They make everything from a traditional sign, to banners, vehicle lettering, and much more.

"We're actually in the process of doing a wrap on the top of a cat litter box lid to look like a wine barrel," she laughed. 

You've probably seen many of their products as you drive around town.  They make everything from small labels all the way to wrapping an entire vehicle. 

"I used to drive my husband crazy by going, oh we did that, oh we did that.  I don't do that anymore," Hawley laughed. 

"Definitely, driving around you can see signs that you've done and stuff like that, so it's pretty neat.  The final product, that's definitely a plus.  Seeing the reaction from clients and customers and what not," said graphic designer Josh Abbey.

For employees like Abbey, each day is different.  He gets to put his creativity to use.

"I just love art and design and that's definitely one aspect of this job I can do is kind of take the customers idea and design them something that they can enjoy and they can enjoy," said Abbey. 

He is one of only three employees.  And Hawley admits sometimes it's rough running a small business.

"It's beyond challenging.  When I was an employee I'd go home at night and try not to think about the things going on the next day.  As a business owner, it's a 24 hour a day, you're thinking about the business," she said. 

But she says it's all worth it in the end.