Looking for a taste of international flavor in Erie?  Meet the Hookah Cafe at Union Station.

"It was a very flavorful experience," said Holly Burrows. 

Burrows is new to the hookah experience, but now she's hooked.

"Oh yeah, it was definitely very fun.  Sitting around with all my friends and then eating some delicious food afterwards too.  It was very good," she said. 

So how does this whole hookah thing work?

"It's a water pipe.  You're smoking water, 40 percent tobacco, 60 percent fruit.  So whatever flavor you like we will give it to you," said Hookah Cafe owner Samer Mustafa. 

Wait, did he say smoking fruit?

"All the tobacco for the hookah we mix with fresh fruit.  You get from strawberry to kiwi to melon, all between.  Watermelon, we have all kinds of stuff," he said. 

Mustafa opened the Hookah Cafe in 2006.  In his homeland of Syria, and all over the Middle East, there are hookah shops everywhere.  He says the whole idea is to bring people closer together.

"You come in here to (relieve) pressure, to smoke, to listen to music, to play backgammon.  We offer games, we offer chess games, we have cards, people can use it for free.  Just something relaxing," he said.

It's less than $10 per person, less than 15 for two to share.  They're open Monday through Thursday 6 p.m. until midnight, Friday and Saturday 6 to 1 a.m.

He says there's really no health benefits or anything like that, it's just fun.


"The whole idea is so social, bring people together, talk, friendships, stuff like that," he said.