Walk into Jim Rutkowski, Sr's office and you'll find a lot of Arnold Palmer memorabilia.  The two are close friends.

"He's just became a very close friend of mine and so has his family.  We stay very close in touch," said Rutkowski. 

Rutkowski is the owner and CEO of Industrial Sales and Manufacturing.  He started it back in 1967.  Forty five years later, he still comes in to work every day.

"It's just something that was bred into me I guess.  I just enjoy coming in to work.  My kids think being 75 years old, I should take a little time away from this," he said. 

As you walk around Rutkowski's company you'll find all kinds of machines cutting, welding and grinding metals.  I.S.M. specializes in machining, fabrication and assembly.

The employees make custom component parts for all different applications such as hospital equipment, off road vehicles and engines, just to name a few.

From one employee and one machine then to more than 150 employees and dozens of state of the art machines now.

Even though Industrial Sales and Manufacturing has grown into a large corporation, Jim Sr. still runs the place like it's day one.  In fact, every Thursday, which is payday, he goes to every employee, shakes their hand and hand delivers their paycheck.  It's a gesture that employees like Phil Kerner can appreciate.  Kerner, like most of the employees here, spend their days dabbling in all different work.

"I've been around a lot of shops in doing this for 30 years and I've never been in a shop that does more diversification and I think that's a big key here.  Between the robotic welding, CNC turning, CNC milling, fabrication, powder coating.  There aren't too many shops that can do that," said Kerner. 

Of those 150 plus employees, three are Rutkowski's own children.  And that alone keeps him going.

"It's rewarding to me to watch the three of them grow up into the business and now we have grandchildren that are coming into the business also.  To me it's been very successful.  Not only my family is here, but I consider all the employees my family too.  It's just something I enjoy very, very much," said Rutkowski.