Take a walk inside Icing on the Lake at 3624 West 12th Street and your senses may think they're in heaven.  It's a little bakery opened nearly one year ago by a husband and wife team.

"Although I did love what I was doing, I was more of a social worker, I just started having more of a passion for wanting to do this, wanting to open my own business, wanting to bring something to Erie that I felt Erie needed," said owner Heidi Fette. 

"We said, 'hey, this is something that could really be nice at home.'  So it translated to through the years, more of an idea to an actual concrete business plan and then we opened last June," said co-owner John Fette. 

There are four employees, making just about anything you can think of that involves baking.

"We do everything from scratch.  We have homemade pies, cupcakes, cakes, cookies, candies, cake pops.  We're also trying to slowly get into gluten free items.  We do some breakfast items.  So anytime a customer brings an idea of what they would like, we give it a try," said Heidi Fette. 

It's this wide variety of made from scratch goodies they say sets them apart from the competition.

"We offer so much more than just cakes.  So I think that is an add on to the community because normally bakeries are just cupcakes or cakes, but we have the sweets and the marshmallows and a lot more homemade items that we offer," said cake decorator Bethany Trabert. 

"I love the creativity of it.  I love seeing the customers and their faces when we try something new and they get the finished product," said baker Suzanne DiSanza.

Believe it or not, the husband and wife team still get along quite well.

"It's great because he does all of the books and the bills and I don't have to do that so we get along really well," laughed Heidi. 

"Actually it's a really great partnership.  She's my best friend as well so it's real easy," said John. 

And it's a great partnership that's producing some great treats for their growing customer base in the area.