The business at the corner of 18th and Parade started back in 1957 by Roger Hedderick as a welding shop.  Today it's run by Roger's son, Gavin.  The services now are a bit different.

"Over the years it grew into what it is today, which we are one of the largest crane and rigging companies in this area, basically within 150 mile radius. S So we're quite pleased with that," said Gavin Hedderick. 

But what exactly is their name?

"A lot of people don't understand that.  They call us rogs, they call us rouges.  But it is actually short for Roger's, rog's," laughed Hedderick. 

The slogan is simple, "We lift things up and we place them down."  The 15 employees use massive cranes, forklifts and trucks to do the job.  They provide rigs and cranes for just about any job and move and haul heavy machinery around.

"Yesterday we just loaded out a piece that weighed 150,000 pounds.  So we do get into some heavy weights.  On average we're looking at 30,000, 40,000," said Hedderick. 

It's still pretty fun for brother Scott Hedderick, even after 28 years. 

"You look back and you see this big thing, or this small thing, and you moved it and when you're done you're like, I did that," said Scott Hedderick. 

The main focus at ROG's is the rigging and crane services they but something new they're doing, just between the employees, is building a race car.  They're going to race it May 26th at Lake Erie Speedway.

They also offer plenty of storage space on site, under the name Hedderick Properties.

Their success usually all depends on how other local companies are doing.

"If manufacturing in Erie doesn't pick up then everybody slows down.  But when manufacturing is doing good, then we're doing good, there's other companies around here doing good.  I mean, everyone feeds off each other," said Scott Hedderick.

Luckily as of late they're heading in the right direction.

"We do plan one expanding the size of our company, looking at building a couple buildings across the street here, some property we're looking to purchase.  So we're doing well, and we're quite thankful for our customers," said Gavin Hedderick.