Process and Data Automation is located at 670 West 36th Street in Erie.  Inside it's a typical looking office space with lots of computer parts.  So what do they do?

"We provide the systems and equipment that help individual pieces of equipment operate automatically and groups of equipment work as complete automated processing systems," said the company's president Joe Snyder. 

What exactly does that mean?  Well, the employees here can basically develop a computer system to attach to some type of machine at a business and make the process that machine does happen automatically.  For example, they can make a water pump turn on and off automatically.

They can also develop a system to collect and analyze the data those machines are putting out.

The computers they develop aren't the desktops or laptops you're used to seeing.  Their computers are much smaller and much more durable pieces that connect to other machines. 

"They consist of the same thing, CPUs, power supplies, I/O cards, things of that nature.  But they're designed to sit out on a factory floor and take the every day beating that might come along with that," said Snyder.

And they can develop these systems for just about any industry.  A diversity eight-year employee Tom Ludwig enjoys.

"We got a lot of different applications.  A lot of different customers.  So we get to see a lot of different things.  If you get sick of one type of application, another one is bound to come along sooner or later." said Ludwig, a project engineer.

And it's this diversity that's kept them going strong ever since they opened the doors in 2002.

"To be honest the business has been on a constant upward trajectory since it was started in 2002.  Some of the recession in 2008, 2009, we barely even felt," said Snyder.

And as long as companies are looking to make their work load a little easier and more efficient, they don't plan on slowing down any time soon.