Moms across the country are urging politicians to listen to their mothers when it comes to cleaner air. Moms Clean Air Force, a group devoted to ridding of air pollution, were in Frontier Park Thursday afternoon, educating moms and kids on how toxins like mercury can be found in our air and in our water ways.

Pennsylvania is currently the second most toxic state, and with 89 statewide water bodies, these moms know just how important curbing pollution is for their kids.

"We decided that a mother's love is the strongest force of all," said Gretchen Alfonso of Moms Clean Air Force, Pennsylvania. "Our voices can be stronger than the deep pockets of the polluters and we are out here bringing moms to the table, speaking to our legislatures Senator Casey and Senator Toomey, about how important it is to clean up the air for our kids."

Air pollution is a major reason for respiratory illnesses. Currently, fifteen percent of kids in our state suffer from asthma.