A helicopter will be flying over Presque Isle State Park on Wednesday, October 10 applying herbicide to 170 acres of land inundated with two invasive plant species.  It's a story we first told you about on WICU/WSEE.  The invasive species are Narrow-leaf Cattail and Phragmite.  The presence of these plants is damaging to the native plants as well as the overall habitat and ecosystem health on the park.

The park will be closed east of the Stull Interpretive Center from October 9 at 9:00 PM until the work is completed.  If the work isn't completed by dusk on October 10, spraying will continue on the morning of October 11 until the project is complete. The public will be able to access the western portion of the park from the entrance to the Stull Center while the work is underway.

The work is part of an inclusive project to remove invasive plants from Presque Isle.  Over the summer, park interns and staff members worked to push back invasive plants on over 450 acres of park land.  They pushed back the plants by pulling, digging, cutting, or treating them with herbicide.  The largest areas of infested areas can't be controlled effectively by people on the ground, so the helicopter will assist with the application of herbicide in these areas.

 All of the chemicals used have been tested in an aquatic environment and pose little to no risk to aquatic species.  The PA Fish and Boat Commission as well as the PA Department of Environmental Protection has issued permits for the project.