The remnants of hurricane Sandy swept over Presque Isle State Park Monday night and Tuesday morning, bringing down some trees and branches.  The park opened to visitors later than usual, to give maintenance crews time to clear away a few big trees that came down and to clean up smaller branches and leaves that littered the park road.

The surf was churning, but the storm wasn't as dramatic as expected.  Lake Erie forecasts called for waves as high as 14 to 18 feet.  Off Presque Isle, waves were pounding, but only topped 8 feet.  Some chronic flood spots on the park roadway by beaches 5 and 8 didn't flood. Park officials credit some flood prevention work done over the summer.

The park marina lost power in the storm.  Crews were called in to make repairs.

Park officials plan to take a closer look at the shoreline to check for beach erosion over the next few days.