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It's easy to advertise in our innovative environment - it's the best of television and the Internet!

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Display Ads (banners) are the best way to present lots of information on a web site!

Banner advertising

Banner advertising is still one of the most important ways to reach the internet market with your selling message.


  • Larger space accomodates more selling copy to drive home your message
  • Links directly to your web site for LEAD GENERATION
  • Excellent branding opportunity
  • All sizes including 728x90, 300x250 and 468x60
  • Interactive elements are available including page curls, walk ons, in-banner video, pencil pushdowns and wallpaper

Email is a lean-forward medium, requested and appreciated!

email advertising

We have many email products in which you can advertise - daily headline and weather emails.


    • Advertising appears next to high-value/quality content
    • Advertising messages sent for regular frequency (daily, weekly)
    • Display advertising created at no charge
    • Complete compliance with the Email Can-Spam Act of 2003
    • 100% opt-in and personalized when possible
    • System automatically delivers what the recipient wants - HTML or TEXT
    • Complete reporting:
      • Open rates, forwards, click-through rates

Mobile Advertising

Many opportunities

Mobile is the fastest growing channel for Erie News Now content.

Mobile is growing like crazy and we are there with THREE solutions:

Mobile Features:

  • Many different display ad sizes
  • App open ads for iPad, Droid and iPhone
  • Intersitial ads
  • Mobile coupons
  • Ads scheduled by time, geography
  • Clicks can be tracked
  • Ad click choices include calls, web site links, texts, coupons, email, downloading an app, social links and finding your business on a map

Television advertising reaches Erie, Crawford and Warren Counties and beyond with ONE purchase!

television advertising

  • CW - CW Erie

  • NBC - WICU 12

  • CBS - WSEE

  • MeTV

Video advertising can extend your TV commercial or explain complicated messages!

Video advertising

Pre and Mid-roll digital, video advertising solutions cannot be skipped and play within video clips

We do video better than all the rest! Our talented WSEE and WICU producers and camera artists will story board, shoot and edit your commercial message affordably and expertly.

Types of video advertising available:

  • Long-Form - tell your story in 90-120 seconds and use it on our web site and yours! Great for social media, too.

  • Embedded/in-banner - your video is placed within a traditional banner advertising space. Often this is 10-15 seconds but it can also be long-form. We can add direct-response elements to the video, too.

  • Pre-roll with companion - 10-15 second ad placed in front of a video news story on This ad cannot be skipped, links to your web site and comes with a companion display/banner ad.

  • Non-linear - a video ad placed over the content on the page


  • Greater customer engagement

  • Interactive storytelling

  • Emotional

  • Branding and positioning

Video advertising can extend your TV commercial or explain complicated messages!

Video production

Video is a specialty and there's no more creative video production house in the area than WSEE and WICU. Now you can get the same quality of a broadcast station for your next video project.

Video production may include:

  • Storyboarding/planning

  • Script writing

  • Cast selection/management

  • Voicing

  • Shooting

  • Editing

  • Packaging