If you plan to crack open the Bubbly for New Year's Eve to enjoy with the perfect dish, get creative! Champagne is versatile and oh so delicious.

Always serve sparkling wines cold at 45 degrees F. There are many varieties of sparkling wines to choose from. Some are fruity, while others are very dry and crisp.

Here are a few Champagne/Sparkling Wine pairings to ring in the new year.

Beef sliders, Tenderloin, or Ribs are tasty when paired with a red grape sparkling wine such as Pinot Noir

Shellfish, sweet and delicate, pairs nicely with a sparkling brut or Champagne

Roasted Chicken is fantastic with a fruity sparkling wine or extra dry brut

Mac and cheese is perfect with a sparkling wine low in acidity

Brie, Prosciutto, smoked salmon, raspberries, chocolate covered strawberries all pair nicely with a Rosé

Sparkling wine.

Desserts – be sure the sparkling wine is sweeter than the dessert to avoid a bitter taste.