Michael Golde will not return as superintendent of Millcreek Township School District. Taxpayers were finally told why Golde has been placed on leave at a special board meeting on Thursday night.

Tim Sennett, the district's solicitor, said Golde did give the board permission to let the public now that he is on leave for medical reasons. But because of that, by law, no one in the district is allowed to comment any further. 

At this meeting, Solicitor Sennett said that the board and Golde have reached a severance agreement This agreement, Sennett said, is in no way related to the McDowell Project or that recent controversy over the audit.

The board called this special meeting to let taxpayers know the direction the district is taking. However, the board on Thursday refused to comment, and directed all questions to Bill Hall, the assistant superintendent.

After the meeting, Hall did say that the movement of $5-million was done under the direction of Golde. Hall called that move a mistake.

"I know Mike Golde and I know that if he knew in any way that this move was illegal, he would not have done it," said Hall. "I want people to know that Mike Golde is a good man, who has done a lot of good work for this district."

At the meeting, the board brought up the status of the McDowell Project. Taxpayers voiced their concerns on where the district will be getting the funding for the $93-million construction project.

"Why didn't the finance committee find the $5-million? We'd like to know if our taxes are going to cover this for the next fiscal year," said Gino Montagna of No New McDowell. "These are the questions we want to know."

Hall said the district is looking into all their options regarding the project.

Golde will continue to receive pay from the district until June 30. He has filed for disability, and if he receives disability prior to June 30, the district will stop paying him.