About 25 people gathered in Perry Square on Saturday to protest U.S. military involvement in Syria. 

The event's facebook page protests the "looming, illegal, and unconstitutional war," and protestors carried signs with slogans that read, "no more war" and "stop senseless murder." 

While some people oppose U.S. involvement, others support it. And not everyone at the protest in Perry Square had the same opinion. 

"I don't this country needs to be in another war that has nothing to do with us. I don't think we can afford it," said David Wilamowski, an Erie resident. "I don't think the justifications they're giving us to go to this war are clear." 

"I support bombs going in. And if the president wouldn't do that, then he'd look like a guy that shouldn't be president," said Vince Niedzielski, another Erie resident and a veteran. 

Opinions in Erie seem as diverse as those throughout congress. President Obama is set to address congress on Tuesday.