The Erie Downtown Walking Tour is on Thursday from 6-9pm. One of the 10 houses open for viewing is the Dickson Tavern. 

The house was built in 1815, just 20 years after the founding of Erie. It was maintained by the city starting in 1920 and turned into a museum in 1943, but the building eventually fell into disrepair.

Kidder-Watcher Architecture acquired the Dickson Tavern in 2003, renovated it, and currently uses it as an office building for their firm.

The house is open for viewing to the public for the first time in eight years.

The Dickson Tavern is listed as a historical building by the National Register of Historical Places.

"All of these 10 or so buildings on the walking tour are typically not open to the public," said Jeff Kidder, partner at Kidder-Watcher Architecture. 

"People probably people haven't been in here in a long time, or not since they were 4th graders on the bus tour. They might remember it one way, and we are ready to show them what we've done and how it can still be a viable, functioning building," Kidder said.

The self-guided walking tour is from 6-9PM and tickets are $10. You can find more information on the walking tour or how to buy tickets here.