A Millcreek dentist is facing drug charges.
Police say he illegally obtained pain medication for his own personal use.

52-year-old dentist William Kevin Mahoney is facing several felony charges, including possession of a controlled substance, fraud, and forgery.
Investigators say he illegally obtained pain medications, saying they'd be used for his patients, but allegedly he'd use them himself.

"This investigation is in it's initial stages, and through this investigation there could be other charges and other people charged," said Dennis Tobin, Director of the AG's Bureau of Narcotics. "At the present time the only person that's being charged is Dr. Mahoney and he's being charged with 8 felony counts including forgery, fraud, and things such of that nature."

Theses charges stem from a week and a half long investigation.
Drug agents from the Attorney General's Bureau of Narcotics served a search warrant Thursday at his offices, Mahoney Family Dentistry.

Police allege he used his prescription pads, using various patient names, several times from January through August.
He'd allegedly write and fill prescriptions for the painkiller, Hydromorphone.
He'd say the prescriptions were to be used during medical procedures, but police determined otherwise. "Through that search warrant we retrieved information that's going to be feasible in our investigation to show that Hydromorphone was being illegally used in that office," said Tobin.

Hydromorphone is a schedule 2 narcotic, Tobin says it's a powerful injectable painkiller.

WICU and WSEE have learned that Dr. Mahoney posted bond Friday and is going to seek rehab at a facility in Chicago.
Police wouldn't say what they recovered from the search warrant at Dr. Mahoney's offices, because it's a sealed search warrant.