The snow and temperatures are continuing to fall in Northwestern Pennsylvania, making it just unbearable out there at times. Travelers say they're feeling the impact of this wintry blast, especially when it comes to that wind.

"It makes the conditions of the road and actually seeing just horrible," said Julie Noonan, of Erie.

"If we're hitting black ice or something [its bad]," said Angie Salamon. "Other than that it's snow and we just do a little fun donut."

The cold, the snow and the wind aren't only causing headaches drivers on the road. It's also impacting flights coming in and out of Erie International Airport.

"My daughter checked online and we were on the phone five hours this morning to United, and we got disconnected," said Barb Plooster, who's flight was canceled. "So we came here and we can't get a flight out until Monday."

Plooster was on her way to Grand Rapids, but is now stuck in Erie thanks to weather. She's one of hundreds dealing with delays and cancellations across the Midwest and Northeast on Thursday.

"We got a warm place to stay, get to visit the kids, grand kids longer so its ok," said Plooster. 

Streets crews are trying their hardest keep up with the roads. But drivers understand with the blowing snow, it's making it nearly impossible for the roads to stay clear.

"It's just a wonderful mess out there," said Noonan.

The wintry conditions have prompted Pennsylvania State of Emergency Officials to remind people of a couple of things: never use electrical generators or similar devices indoors since they produce carbon monoxide; stay as warm as possible, cover ears, head face to prevent frostbite; and shovel snow safely, by pushing instead of lifting when possible.

They're also encouraging people to check in on the elderly.