A big honor today for an Erie Benedictine nun, known around the world as an author, speaker and  outspoken advocate for peace, justice and human rights. Mercyhurst University today dedicated an archive to showcase the life and career of Sister Joan Chittister. The room in Hammermill Library is full of her books, and photographs of her travels around the world.

 The 1962 Mercyhurst graduate is happy that people in Erie will have access to her writings. She said she is thrilled and humbled to be honored. She said, "If you're coming from the heart and not the stats,  it is the biggest honor of my life. It is the town I love. I always have."

 Mercyhurst President Dr. Tom Gamble said, "She has that commitment to service and a life of spirituality as well as engagement in the world." Another archive with Sister Chittister's works will be housed on the main campus of Penn State University.