Long before she became a television star, Ann B. Davis was a student at Erie's  Strong Vincent High School.  She was a member of the  Class of '44.

Davis participated in activities such as German Club and the National Honor Society.  Her classmates never thought she would be a television star.

"No.   No we didn't," said Doris Becker. "She was just one of the kids.   Although she did perform at that time too, we didn't think she'd go to Hollywood and become famous."


Becker was a Strong Vincent classmate and friend.  She still volunteers at the Erie Playhouse on 10th Street.  It was at the old Playhouse location on 7th street, that Ann B. Davis could be seen at a young age. She had roles in performances such as  "Taming of the Shrew." It was much later that she landed the role of the secretary "Shultzy" on the television comedy "The Bob Cummings Show."  Her old friends were delighted.

"I kind of lost track of her when the children were small.   You're kind of taken up with other things," said Becker.  "But then, of course, when she started appearing on television, then we thought, "Oh goodness.   There's our classmate."

Davis won two Emmy awards for her work on "The Bob Cummings Show."  In 1969, she took the role of "Alice the Housekeeper" on the long-running TV hit, "The Brady Bunch."  Davis  was Erie's television star.   She returned to town in 1991 for the 75th anniversary of the Playhouse. Joe Hassler, Playhouse Sr. Lighting Director, remembers her visit.

"She was just so kind and warm and talked to anybody.   You would just go up and say "How are you?" and she'd start a conversation," he said.


Ann B. Davis was 88 years old.