A city councilwoman is concerned about what visitors to celebrate erie may think about our community because of graffiti. 

Jessica Horan-Kunco is not only concerned about the unwanted vandalism, she also does not like another type of graffiti.  Businesses invited artists to come onto their properties and paint graffiti. It's located near Logistics Plus near 14th and Peach.  It's near the EMTA headquarters on French Street.  And, it's at Raven Sound at 26th and Peach.

Horan-Kunco says the city needs to send a consistent message about all graffiti.  Rick Cass, the manager at Raven Sound, says the "legal graffiti" is good.

"The way we look at it is, even though you don't understand it, I don't understand a lot of classical art either, or abstract art, but art, in itself, is art," he said.

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