ERIE, PA (WICU/WSEE) -- As the newscast ended on September 26th, as a controversy began. Asking about a mysterious light formation shining in the night sky. 

"i have no idea, the top of a building?"

The YouTube video shedding light on this mystery claims the light formation is an "alien mothership".  As of Wednesday, that video has now been seen a whopping 78-thousand in just five days. 

Brandon Arroyo set out for the location of the scene to see what he could find. When nothing turned up, we turned to you.  

"ummm, it's probably, I don't know"

"I don't think every light you see is a UFO"

" I don't know, some type of distortion" 

"No one seems too sure what's going on, but the idea of a floating object over Lake Erie seemed a little bit far fetched for me. So i thought the best place to start looking for answers, was the place where the question started, the WICU12  tower cam down here at Millcreek Mall"

After grabbed some new video from the camera and matched it up with the viral sensation, we found the light appears to be on the shore. In contrast to being located in the sky which was the first thought

Was it a boat? Was it a reflection of the moon? Do we technically have an unidentified flying object? 

"I'm not sure, why would they come only on top of Erie" 

In Erie, Brandon Arroyo reporting.