Jake Schwab spent almost 30 years working as a mechanic at the Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority. His EMTA co-workers describe him as a professional, who loved his job.

"Jake.. he was a friend, he was a friend to everybody," said co-worker, Nathan Faback. "We love Jake."  "He was just one of those people who knew his job very well, he was outgoing, he was outspoken, and he let you know when things weren't right," Kevin Ellis said of his co-worker.

Schwab died early Sunday morning after an accident at work. The accident happened in the EMTA bus garage around 11:30 a.m. Tuesday. He was taken to UPMC Hamot for for a traumatic head injury. Erie County Deputy Coroner Dennis Suscheck, confirmed Schwab died just after 4 a.m. Sunday.

Schwab's co-workers have tied a red mechanics cloth around the mirror of each bus, not only in his memory, but as a tribute to a job he loved doing.

"Since he passed, we put them over our heart, and that's where we want to keep them, over our heart," Faback said of the tribute.

As the investigation into what exactly happened continues, Schwab's co-workers describe the loss of their beloved friend and co-worker, as surreal.

"I feel terrible for his family, but he will be missed," said co-worker John Conners. "His presence won't be here anymore but his spirit is still gonna be alive here at EMTA," said Ellis. "And we all are just going to embrace him in our spirit."

An investigation into the fatal accident is ongoing.