Erie has a lot of companies that handle both snow plowing and landscaping. But there is a company in Millcreek that manages those services for companies around the country. More than 1,000 contractors around the country work for Affiliated Grounds Maintenance Group.

 CEO Jen Kohler said, "We are able as a national company based out of Erie to obtain contracts that are retail stores, chains, then we are able to pass that on to our contractor. It is work they would never otherwise be able to obtain themselves."

The company has customers in 20 states.

 Kohler said, "I believe we are a one stop shop, that we provide them with the capabilities of performing 24-7, that we have backup. We are certified management. We are unique in that respect."

 The firm is also unique in another respect. It is owned and run by women.

 Kohler said, "That gives us a very unique advantage and perspective  on things. It encourages us to work harder and provide better service."

 The company has grown significantly since it began 15 years ago focusing on snow removal, landscaping and exterior building maintenance.

Kohler said, "We can't rule anything out. We are always looking to grow."