There is a big need for foster parents in our area, and all across the country. The non-profit Bair Foundation is trying to fill the gap.

Workers spend long hours trying to make sure more children from troubled homes find foster families to help give them a chance.

Bair Foundation State Director Kimberly Young said, "The need is vast. We are only able to serve 70-75% of the children that we are called to care for in the community."

The agency has offices in 9 states including Pennsylvania and Ohio, with a local office in Millcreek. Since 1967, the foundation has focused on finding foster families, with a lot of help from churches.

The foundation is sponsoring an orientation session for people interested in becoming foster parents. It is scheduled for February 7th, 10am-12:00pm at the Whole Foods Co-Op on West 26th Street.

For more information contact Kelly at 814-388-9085.