Courtyard Wineries sells about 4,000 cases of wine each year, 22 varieties in all.

The North East company has experienced steady growth since opening in 2010. And it continues to add new varieties and new retail outlets.  The wines can now be purchased at outlets in Girard, Franklin, and Smicksburg, Pennsylvania, in addition to the winery on Route 20 in North East.

The company has two product lines. The sweet Barjo Bons brand with its own tasting area, and the dry Lacourette line, also with its own space. The goal is to make everyone happy.

Winemaker-President Randy Graham said, "We get lots of great feedback. That is very important for all of our hard work here."

Graham says the top priority of the company is quality, and it starts with grapes grown on local vineyards. Courtyard has 125 acres close to the winery. Courtyard also operates a laboratory to ensure quality.

Graham said, "Every step of the process there are decisions to be made. Those decisions are based on the data you can gather from a particular batch."