lans to install a high-voltage cable under Lake Erie are moving forward.

On Thursday, ITC Holding Corp. hosted an open house at Girard High School to share those plans with the public.

The plans were first unveiled in 2013.  The project is being called the Lake Erie Connector.  The company plans to run a 73 mile long transmission cable under Lake Erie.  It would connect to two converter stations, which include one in Ontario and one in Springfield Township.  It would be used to transmit a surplus of electricity from Canada to the U.S.

"The reality of it is there's more of an abundance of electricity being created on the Canadian side, more use of the U.S. side,” said Mike Ivester of ITC Holding Corp.  “So there's more of a need here and more of creation there."

While the project is expected to cost $1 billion, Ivester says the company will fund it entirely.

"It's a project that's being built with our finances,” said Ivester.  “It's not something that will go back on the taxpayers.”

The company hopes to begin installing the cable by 2019.