When you walk into the Erie Sports Store, you'll see racks filled with countless jerseys, hundreds of golf clubs and other sports merchandise. But there's more than meets the eye in this 30,000 square foot sports store.

"In addition to just the basic retail store that the average person sees when they walk through, we also do a large trophy and embroidery business," said Rich Weber, president of the Erie Sports Store. "We do a lot of work for the high schools and colleges."

Along with specialty stores within the store and a state-of-the art golf department, the Erie Sports Store has added a  golf launch monitor.  For those of you needing a little practice on your swing, you can get one-on-one help from experts. "It's called the Trackman," said Weber. "It's able to show you your swing and we have the experts to help you along with that and choose your equipment."

These expansions are all part of Weber's vision to keep his family-run business thriving.  "My father Jack, and my uncle George Weber started Erie Sports Store, it was open for business on Groundhogs Day, 1951," he said. "Since that time, we have grown and grown and grown, into the company you see today."

Weber says the key to surviving in an ever-changing retail business is the community. "That's probably the question most asked, is how we compete with the fierce competition," he said. "It's not even just the big box stores, it's the internet and so on, e-sales and e-commerce. We manage to do it. We've been sponsoring baseball, football teams and gold tournaments and so on and so forth for many of those 65 years. And the community does support us, as we support them"

The Erie Sports Store is located at 1620 Keystone Dr., on upper Peach Street.