The traveling version of the popular game show, The Price is Right, brought thousands of people to the Erie Insurance Arena on Tuesday night, making for a sold-out show. 

Most people are excited for that chance to win big prizes, but one family hopes to spread a message.

"So excited, I can't believe I'm going to be on the Price is Right!" said Kelsi Boyles, from Clarion.

"We're going to come on down, we're on the Price is Right and we will be the next contestants," said Debbie Stuart, a Warren resident.

"I have confidence that they're going to call me, and I'm going to go running down, jumping and hollering," said Cora Wilson, who lives in Erie.

The line for a chance to be a contestant was blocks long. It wrapped around the arena, down E. 8th Street to Holland St, extending all the way to the ball park.

The crowd was most excited at the prospect of winning big prizes.

"We want to spin the wheel, big money!" said one group from Erie.

"Really excited and hoping we get picked for a new car or something," said Mary Zapolski, another Erie resident.

"I'm getting married next July and I already have something old, something borrowed, and something blue. Now I need something new!" said Meggi Wilcox from Russel.

But one Northeast family is hoping to get called down for a very different reason - a chance to share a message, that could save a life.

"We're trying to advertise for a kidney. Spread the word, hoping that the more people who find out, then maybe someone will volunteer and step up to be a donor for me," said Diana O'Rourke of North East.

Diana has had diabetes since age six. Now she's suffering from kidney failure and needs a new donor.

"It's what I'm hoping.That would be the best prize of all," she said.

The show was originally going to be at the Warner Theater, but tickets sold out so quickly it was moved to the Erie Insurance Arena. There, the nearly 3,500 available tickets sold out again.