Erie Molded Plastics is a family owned company that began very small but has grown steadily. The company now makes hundreds of millions of plastic parts every year.

 The company has 22 custom injection presses with 45 employees. Much of the work is contract manufacturing, making parts designed by other companies. But increasingly, the firm is selling its own plastic products. They include parts used in everything from gas grills to vacuum cleaners. And millions of lids used by food companies.

 Winning contracts isn't easy. Customers are very sensitive to cost.

 Company President Phil Tredway said "Our customers know it is a global market for our products. So we have to be globally competitive."

Managers say they have purchased more energy efficient presses to cut costs. And they plan more equipment upgrades. But the key to future growth is the work force, hiring and training dedicated employees.

 Vice-President of Sales Tom Tredway said, "We're running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So you have to have people you can trust, people you know are going to make the right decisions."