Rehrig Pacific has been making plastic crates, containers, pails, pallets and other items at its West 20th Street facility since 1968. It is one of the national company's 7 plants scattered across the country.

 The company makes beverage containers for national companies ranging from Pepsi to Annheiser Busch. And millions of pails used for paint, oil and other substances.

 Everything at the plant is made from tiny pieces or pellets of plastic. Nearly all the plastic is recycled, then molded into new products.

 Business has been growing steadily in recent years. Managers say the key is an emphasis on quality.

 Plant Manager Sam Bernal said, "Every single part we make to send out of here we make sure it is 100% quality. So that is really what has provided us the success we have seen and the growth we have seen in the last couple of years. We've really become a pretty big facility here with 150 employees to 180 when we get really busy."

 In the future, the company plans to put a priority on service in addition to manufacturing.

 Bernal said, "Over the next 3-5 years we're really going to see a lot of technology , a lot of services."