Calamari's Squid Row has been a successful downtown Erie bar and restaurant for nearly 20 years. But earlier this year, owners expanded, opening Cali's West to grow their catering business and develop new types of business.

Co-owner Marci Honard said, "We focus on all different types of catering. We do everything from weddings and rehearsal dinners to picnics and things like that."

Co-owner Jay Honard said, "Just to have the room to be able to expand the business, employ more people, things like that. It is good to have that."

But Cali's West is about more than just catering. The West 26th Street location also prepares lots of food that is sold for take out, plus home style meals. The meals are  easy to re-heat and popular with people not wanting to cook, but not wanting fast food either.

 Marci Honard said, "The people that are really enjoying it are empty nesters, elderly folks who don't want to go home and cook a big heal. But they want something fast and fresh."