Clifton Machining in Lake City is a small company. But it sells critical parts to customers all over the world. And in recent years, sales have increased dramatically, up 400% since 2008.

 The small company, with 22 employees, has been in business since the late 1930's. It produces a wide variety of small machine parts made from steel, copper, brass, aluminum and many other metals.

Vice President of Operations Jon  Kirk said, "I think people would be surprised at how many markets a little shop in Lake City, Pennsylvania are in."

 For many years, up to 80% of the parts made by Clifton were for the auto industry. But that changed after the recession of 2008.

 Kirk said, "After that downturn it was diversify to survive and so we made a conscious effort to pursue other markets."

 The customers may be very different. But they all have one thing in common. They demand top quality, precision made parts. Clifton's goal is zero defects.

 Kirk said, "You can't survive in this industry without quality."