Batteries Plus Bulbs is a small store with a big inventory. Batteries and bulbs of every size and description. Everything from auto batteries to energy efficient LED lighting.     Owner Emmett Verdecchia said, "We have 3500 batteries and light bulbs here in the store. And we have access to 45,000. We put an order in once a week. We can always order things on a rush if we need to." Emmett Verdecchia was in health care management for decades, but decided to make a career change. He said, "Batteries Plus Bulbs as a franchise around the country is doing very well. It is a highly rated franchise. I just liked what I saw." The store has only been open since late March. But the owner is already thinking about the future, expecting his business to grow. He said, "Well I think as more and more people become aware of the fact we are here, I think business through the door will continue to grow. And we continue to demonstrate our expertise and gather commercial accounts, I think those will grow as well."