Eleven kids with disabilities, who thought they may never be able to ride a bike, are very happy today. They each received their own bike during a party at Jerry Uht Park .Each bike was individually customized for each child.

 It was a happy scene indoors, on the concourse, at Jerry Uht Park.  The children were all smiles as took their first ride on their very own bike. The day was made possible by the organization "Variety-The Children's Charity."  It worked with Saint Vincent Hospital and the Seawolves to plan today's party.

Each bike cost $1800, and they were distributed free of charge.   The bikes were made with the input of each child's therapist or physician.    Some bikes have lateral support, some have a harness, and some have a steering bar.  All the bikes are a dream come true for the children, and their parents.

Danielle Bizzarro's daughter, Isabella, has spina bifida.

"I'm really so happy for what this program has done for my daughter. It helps them feel normal, to see that they can achieve the same things as other kids.  It's an ability that they have.  To see her on a bike makes me so happy.  That's all I want for my daughter is to feel like everyone else," she said.

The charity has a happy dilemma.  Donors love it and have given it a lot of money.  It now has 150 bikes to give away, but it has to find the kids who need them.  For more information on the bike program log on to www.varietypittsburgh.org.