Erie police have recovered a 4th gun, as part of the investigation into two East high school students shot and killed over the weekend, following a party on 29th street.

There have been no arrests in the deadly shootout in the 200 block of west 29th street late Friday night.

But Erie Police Chief Randy Bowers says detectives are taking calls, and continue to interview witnesses. While some people are coming forward with information, Chief Bowers says more witnesses need to step up with any information they may have, "We have had a couple people respond to our request, we hope for more," said Bowers. "We just want to say again, that no matter how small the bit of information is you might have it's important for you to contact our detectives and give us that information," Bowers said.

16-year-old Elijah Jackson was killed in the gunfire Friday night. Sunday, the coroner's office said 16- year-old Shakur Franklin also died from injuries sustained in the shooting.

Four other teenagers, ages 13 to 17, sustained what police say are non-life threatening injuries.

Erie police detectives recovered the new evidence from inside an SUV, that officers say crashed near at the scene.

Police already recovered a gun from under that vehicle after it crashed, and two more guns outside, in the area of the shooting. Chief Bowers says police are analyzing the guns, as well as shell casings and live rounds discovered at the scene, to see if the recovered weapons are connected to the shooting.

Police say they know the 18-year old owner of the vehicle, and that is a part of the on-going investigation.

Erie Police say the shootout happened during what's called an "eviction party" at the apartment house.
But whether or not the adult party host will face any charges, Chief Bowers says is a secondary part of this investigation, "Our priority right now is two dead teenagers, we know they were killed by gunfire that's our number one priority" Bowers said.

Some neighbors told us they called 911 several minutes prior to the shooting, to report a large crowd getting out of control.
But, WICU & WSEE did some digging and found no calls were ever made to 911 prior to the shooting, and only one call came into the non-emergency line, just two minutes before the shots rang out.

If you have any information, you're asked to call Erie police at number, 870-1120.