Another school year is beginning for local college students, and with several universities around Erie, State Police will be out cracking down on underage drinking.

It's all part of a college enforcement and public awareness initiative.

This fall, State Police will be targeting underage drinking, binge drinking, and other alcohol-related crimes on campuses across the commonwealth.

They'll conduct both uniformed and undercover patrols on campuses, and near fraternities and sororities.

And they'll also be checking the licensed establishments, making sure bars and beer distributors are carding individuals and not serving minors.

Sergeant Todd Post is the District Office Commander of the Pennsylvania State Police Liquor Control Enforcement, covering 6 counties in our area.

He says during their patrols they will arrest those breaking the law. So they're trying to promote awareness now, to save the youth trouble in their futures, "College is all about choices," said Sgt. Post. "This is the first time kids are out totally on their own, and there's a lot of bad choices that can be made and a lot of bad choices after you've drank alcohol, not just the fact that you drank it. So our message is, you got to be responsible with the freedom you have, and you definitely don't want to be breaking the law," Post added.

Sergeant Post says they've seen an uptick in fake ID's, so they're also cracking down on that. And because they're being massed produced, troopers are also working with bars and distributors, educating them on how to spot a fake ID, "Most of the college licensed establishments are aware of it and and do a good job of carding. And we have a good rapport with many of them that are working the doors, looking at the ID's," said Post. "We try to give them a heads up on how they can tell a fake ID from a real one, especially when you're getting them massed produced," said Post.