EDINBORO--- "I've actually been recruited and nominated for a number of positions in the last year or so," says Dr. Julie Wollman, President of Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. "Most of them I said, No. I'm not interested."

Dr. Wollman said 'Yes,' however, to Widener University in Chester, PA. She announced last week that she is resigning from her post at Edinboro, to take the President role at private institution.

"An institution of Higher Learning needs stability and often that stability comes from within," says Brian Pitzer, former Communications Director at Edinboro University and presidential selection committee member. "The council of Trustees has to be disappointed that they now have to begin another search. There is now another interim period where we won't have a sitting President."

It can take upwards of six months to find the right candidate. Multiple representatives from the State System of Higher Education, the Council of Trustees, and the Board of Governors have a say.

"The length of the search is dependent on alot of things, including how many other searches are going on in the state system," says Jeff Hileman, current Director of Communications at Edinboro University.

Dr. Wollman arrived to the Erie area in 2012. She will be departing in January 2016.

"It is very difficult to get anything done in less than 5 years," Pitzer adds. "So, any kind of disruption before then, puts the institution in a state of flux."

Dr. Foster Diebold served 17 years as President from 1976 to 1996. Dr. Frank Pogue served 11 years from 1996-2007.

In Pitzer's eyes, these changes do not reflect poorly on the school, instead it can show the true intention of a President.

In 2011, Dr. Jeremy Brown left Edinboro after about 4 years as President. Dr. Wollman is leaving in about the same course of time.