The Buffalo Bills have made NFL history.
The team has hired the first full-time female coach, in the league.

The move is sparking a lot of reaction in the sports world.
Erie News Now caught up with one young woman, who hit the General McLane gridiron, with the guys.

It's certainly a landmark for women in professional sports, and a first for the National Football League.

The Buffalo Bills have hired Kathryn Smith as a full-time special teams coach.

She's the first full-time female assistant coach in the history of the NFL.

Bills' head coach Rex Ryan, says Smith has worked with the team on a part-time basis for seven years, and has done an outstanding job.

Playing in a male-dominated sport, Brittany Luzier can relate.
She was the kicker for the General McLane High School football team, and said she was just one of the guys, "I'm the type that if I want to do something, and it's for the positive, I'm going to do it," said Luzier. "So it wasn't to say 'Hey girl power, girls an do anything,' it's more that it was what I wanted to do, and there just happened to not be a female football team, so I went out for the male football team," Luzier added.

Lancers head football coach, Jim Wells encouraged her to join the team.
Both Coach Wells and Luzier say they'e happy to see Coach Smith breaking down barriers in sports, ""If she's the most qualified person for the position and that is what the person wants, and she has expertise... then obviously she's a qualified candidate and she should be hired for that position," said Wells. "It's a good thing that barriers are breaking down, and people are being recognized for their accomplishments and merits, not the gender or their race," Wells added.

Luzier says she was both surprised and excited to hear a woman was named a full-time coach in the NFL, "I think it's great because it's not just showing female empowerment, it's showing people that they can do what they want to do even if it's not socially usual or the typical thing to do. If you want to do something, go out and do it, and she's a great example of that," said Luzier.