The Erie Philharmonic is at it again, donating another piano. When the Philharmonic hears about someone who needs to get rid of a piano, they are more than happy to accept the donation, and turn it into a gift for someone else. Today, their latest gift of a piano was delivered to the Crime Victim Center on West 18th Street.

Movers took it right into the center's activity room.  The hope is to develop music therapy opportunities for crime victims who are counseled at the center. Executive Director Paul Lukach said, "It gives us now an opportunity to create some new types of counseling programs, especially for young people and people who might be having difficulty talking about the horrible situations that they've been in, some kind of music therapy, or something to take their mind off what they really came here to talk about.  It could be a big part of our program, so we're hoping to embellish that and incorporate this into some of our counseling services."

Steve Weiser, Executive Director of the Erie Philharmonic said the are excited to make the donation to a deserving organization helping victims recover from crime and assaults. "Being able to give it to a place like this in the heart of the city, it can really have an immediate impact on people who have been through a very traumatic experience. We know the power that music has in therapy sessions like this, and we know that it's very critical for helping people across the city recover from events such as this."

The piano is valued at over $1,000.  For the Crime Victim Center the instrument and delivery were completely free.