A mobile dentist working at a local school this week, is expected to complete over 250 restorative procedures on kids. Until today, mobile dentists who visit Erie's Public Schools did only preventive work, such as cleanings, sealants and x-rays.

But the school nurse at Pfeiffer Burleigh found that when notes were sent home telling parents their child needed to see a dentist for cavity fillings or crowns, it just wasn't getting done. So with parent and district permission, they're taking it a step further and doing that work right in the nurse's office. It's working.  The parents of 60 students signed up to have the dental work done at school "They're really excited about it, they've been bringing back permission slips to get this done and that's a good thing."

The mobile dentist on the job is Dr. Elliot Schlang, part of Reach Out Health Care America.  He says there are 600 dentists who do approximately 100 visits nationwide each day in 22 states.  Each year they see about 500 thousand under served children. "I'm very happy that I can give the kids who have the least advantages...that I can give them an advantageous dental experience.," Schlang said.

One little girl, a 7-year-old named Seinab, was on the exam table, getting eight cavities filled, and she didn't seem to mind a bit.  The mobile dentist brings in all of his equipment, using electric hand pieces rather than air turbine hand pieces which are more powerful and make that scary whine.  He brings jokes and tricks to make the children comfortable. "We can do the majority of our fillings without hurting the children and without using local anesthetic," the dentist said.  And if they are anxious, they can sit in and watch their friend do it first.