Young's Hot Tub Sales & Service Center is a family owned company that is a bit off the beaten path, located on a dirt road outside Union City.

But it is a busy place, serving customers as far away as Buffalo, Cleveland and Pittsburgh.

Customers can find refurbished tubs at bargain prices. A new unit can cost up to $12,000.

Manager Bubba Pavelka said, "People like to relax but a lot of time it is health needs, arthritis, different things that come up where they really need the hot tub for therapy and their health."

Customers get to look over a lot of different tubs, about 100 in stock at any given time.

Mike Young started the company as strictly a service provider.before expanding into sales. Service remains the foundation of the firm.

Young said, "If we give you really good service you tell your friend, your family, don't deal with anybody else, deal with Young's. They are really going to take good care of you and they will always be there for you."

The company now also sells swim spas, a product that has quickly become quite popular. But the company does not sell chemicals.

Young said, "I sell 100% only all natural enzymes. A little bottle, 4 ounces will last 4-8 years."

Young's has been growing steadily for years, with sales climbing. And 20 full and part time employees now on the payroll. Owner Mike Young expects that growth to continue.