Martin McCormick founded MGM General Construction in 1990.

Since then, the company has built or renovated more than 2,000 industrial and commercial buildings.

Some of the projects are small, others are huge multi-million dollar jobs.

McCormick said, "There have been years, 3-4-5 years in a row when we were at 100% new construction. It just depends on what the market needs."

Some of the company's major projects in recent years include the Hanes-Erie and Connex plants in Fairview, and the LCBA building along Route 19 south of Interstate 90.

McCormick says he takes a lot of pride in the company's projects even long after they are finished.

He said, "It is important to me. I want the building to look good and I want them to look good for years. After we get new buildings done it is important that they last."

And McCormick says it is important to work closely with clients and give them value for their dollar. He says that is the secret to his success.

He said, "It is ridiculously simple. It is dependability, quality and value. It is value oriented pricing."