Nuns will have a presence around both the upcoming Democratic and Republican National Conventions. After those are done, they will start their "Nuns on the Bus" mission. This is the fifth year of "Nuns on the Bus." It's sponsored by Network, a group of advocates for justice, inspired by catholic sisters, that lobby for economic and social issues. Erie is one of the 20-some stops on their route.

     The "Nuns on the Bus" event has a certain focus every year. This year, it's Mend the Gaps- between income and wealth inequality in the nation. The bus will be visiting more than 20 cities, including Erie. On Tuesday, it will first stop at the Mount Saint Benedict Monastery, then make its way to Holy Family Lutheran Church on West 17th Street to talk to people at the soup kitchen that night. then, they are inviting the public to a town hall meeting at the Saint Paul Parish Center.

     Sister Marlene Bertke says, "They're hoping to have a large crowd there, cuz that's where they're gonna discuss the two basic groups they are looking at and they're not just going to mention the gaps, they have policies they want politicians to pick up and work with."

      The town hall meeting next Tuesday, July 19, is at 7:00 at the parish center located on 16th and walnut. the focus is on issues like tax justice, living wages, family-friendly workplace protections, and citizenship. After the nuns complete their bus tour in more than 10 states, they will take their mission to congress in Washington DC, as they have done in years past.