"Nuns On The Bus" rolled through Erie Tuesday and finished their trip with a town hall event where they invited the public to address their concerns about the inequality gap in Erie.

Community members gathered with the group of nuns advocating for justice and lobbying for economic and social change.

This year, the topic was to 'Mend the Gaps' of inequality in our nation. For their fifth year, Nuns On The Bus decided to come to Erie.

"Erie is a challenged community where people are struggling to try and make change happen, and we came to try and learn both of the struggle and of the new things that are emerging." said Sister Simone Campbell, Executive Director of The Network, Leader of Nuns On The Bus.

At the event, community members were able to address their concerns and discuss with others about how they can overcome these problems.

"I'm just as nervous as everyone else in this country about economic insecurity in our own city, what big businesses have they ability to do in our city... what big businesses have the responsibility to do in our city." said Jared Schaf of Erie.

"The problem within the city, with the inner city kids is not having enough programs to give them something to do, they have so much free time and nothing else to do, it gives them time to do violent acts." said Rev Foushee of Erie.

Sister Simone Campbell is asking community members to imagine that gap to be filled and to keep up hope and work towards filling it.

"One of the things we've realized by asking questions at the Republican convention Monday is people don't have hope, they don't have a vision. They're just feeling really depressed." said Sister Campbell.

Community members like Rev Foushee say they are thrilled that Nuns On The Bus came to Erie because they feel this will help change begin.

"I think it's great because everyone has a voice, and everyone has an opinion and everyone needs to be heard. Because there's a lot of positive things that can be said that can help a lot of people. Not just in this city but other cities too." said Foushee.