Silence. Except for a single trumpet honoring the military men and women who have served this country. All part of the 4th Annual Military Appreciation Week at Fort LeBoeuf High School.

"Last year it was just for a football game and before that we had done basketball games. The football game was a really big success, so we decided to continue it and add it to the volleyball game," said Brittney Loper, co-president of the Blue Crew.

A trio of seniors lead the Blue Crew, an organization at the school that raises money all year long for the Veteran's Miracle Center of Erie.

At the volleyball game versus General McLane, there was an opening ceremony dedicated to those who have served in our military. The students also sold shirts and held a Chinese Auction to raise money.

"It's been great, I think we've gotten more t-shirt sales and more people at the games then we ever had before and that's really great to see," said Sydney Worley, co-president of the Blue Crew.

A group of classmates going to their high school sporting events turned into an organization, benefiting local veterans along the way.

"We kind of just started out cheering for the games, coming to the volleyball games, going to the state championships and getting crazy and then we kind of directed our passion to more than just our school but towards our community," explained Loper.

The weekend events are being sponsored by the local Waterford American Legion, who said they are honored to be a part of what this student organization is doing.

"We sat down, at the beginning of all of our planning and we talked to them about what we wanted to do and they were very supportive. They wanted to take our ideas and run with it and make it bigger so we could reach more people," said Alexis Rimpa, co-president of the Blue Crew.

"It just melts my heart to see these students be so passionate about something... they don't have to do this but they want to do it," said Dan Kirik, Commander of Post 285 Waterford and Air Force Veteran.

Friday morning there will be a breakfast for students, community members and past and current military personnel at Fort LeBoeuf High School from 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. Most of the events will then be held at the Fort LeBoeuf- McDowell Football Game Friday evening.