There's now a big boost for development along Erie's Bayfront. The State of Pennsylvania has awarded Scott Enterprises $5 Million dollars in funds for the Harbor Place Project. The Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP) is a highly competitive program, intended to help provide economic growth in cities across Pennsylvania, and to also help create jobs in the Commonwealth.

To receive the RACP grant funding, Scott Enterprises had to secure a 50% match, that does not use state tax dollars.

Scott Enterprises plans a mixed-use phased development plan located on 12 acres along Erie's Bayfront, just west of the Public Library.

Work to develop this gravel parking lot by the Maritime Museum, and nearby land has been a journey.

Vice President of Scott Enterprises, Nick Scott, Jr., says "We bought this property 18 years ago. My dad really saw the vision of a something, somewhat mixed use development that would be here." )

Five years ago a plan called "Harbor Place" was presented to include retail shops, restaurants, two hotels, parking and corporate offices. Friday, word came that $5 million dollars was awarded to the project from the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program. It's aim is to fund economic growth across PA. Scott says, "This shot in the arm of funds and assistance into this project allows us to get started, allows us to start that $150million dollar project. And the first phase is a hotel."

The plan would encompass developing this green space behind me here and the aim of the project is to connect the bayfront area across the bayfront connector and into the city's downtown and cultural district."

John Buchna of the Erie Downtown Partnership says, "There is that need for us to physically connect seamlessly and safely our bayfront to our downtown." He goes on to say, "We've been looking at how does it improve the downtown. how does it collaborate but ultimately how does it serve the community. so we've been very fortunate to be part of the voice."

Buchna says this investment at the bayfront will accompany other plans to revitalize Erie.

Nick Scott, Jr. says he's thankful for all the Erie support and those who fought to help fund Harbor Place in Harrisburg.

Scott adds, "It could be eight months to a year before we see a shovel in the ground, but now we're gonna start working towards that."

Guidelines for funding like this would not be able to help school districts, but a school district could be a sub-grantee--on an application. This type of finding is typically used for development projects in Pennsylvania communities. The total cost of the project is $150 million dollars and Nick Scott, Jr. couldn't express enough, the support received by city, county and state officials. ##