Erie Bearings is a family owned business that began with just two employees in 1958.

The company now has nearly 80 employees in Erie and five other locations in western Pennsylvania.

It is known for distributing bearings but that is only part of the business.

Company President Mike Ketchel said, "We don't want to be pigeon holed. People thinking we are just bearings. We sell a lot of electrical products. And  it is turning there is motion making it turn. We sell a lot of motors."

The bearings, motors and electrical products are purchased by customers mainly in western Pennsylvania.

But some parts are shipped around the world for use in many different industries.

Ketchel said, "There is no one customer segment that represents more than 8% of our business. So it can be plastics, food, coal, gas, steel and foundries. It is everything."

In 2007, the company moved beyond just distribution, forming the EB Controls Division to assemble electrical control panels.

Panel Shop Manager Scot Shepard said, "The control panel can be as small as a four by four box up to a huge six door enclosure."

The company says it puts a premium on training to make sure its employees can help customers solve their problems and get the products they need.