Bensur Creative Marketing Group has been helping local, regional, and national clients for 26 years.

The agency has just seven employees, but used trusted web designers, graphic artists and video crews to help companies and non profits get their message out.

With new clients the agency starts from scratch, working to come up with a plan to move forward.

Owner Dan Bensur said, "So it is really looking at the process of the whole circle of communications starting with a strategic plan, looking at the execution of that, through the different marketing tools to get out to the target audience, drive them to react and get feedback, then essentially start all over again."

The client list is diverse. But the goal remains the same for each client. Acting as a bridge to the target audience.

Over the years, the work has changed to embrace new technology, including the web, smart phones and soon, virtual reality.

All the technology and the company's expertise is used to make sure clients get the most "bang for the buck."

Besur said, "So from our perspective in the nearly 27 years that Bensur has been around it is about getting it one on time, on budget and with results."