Breakiron Diamond Jewelers opens its doors in 1963.

The family run store on Pine Avenue has been selling a wide variety of jewelry ever since.

The store has changed and adapted over the years, but maintained the emphasis on customer service.

Owner Linda Breakiron says the ability of her staff to listen and interpret what customers really want is critical to the store's success.

She said, "People say many words and not realize that those two end words that they say are going to completely describe everything they want in a piece of jewelry."

The store has all sorts of jewelry  including cases full of rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and watches.

And many displays of the store's custom made pieces.

Les Craig is the jeweler who makes the custom pieces.

With sketches and ideas from customers and employees, he used his 42 years of experience to turn an idea into a personalized, special piece of jewelry.

He said, "Each job is a new challenge. Even after 42 years, every single day I am doing something I have  never done before."