When you think of our area and skiing, you might automatically think of Peekn Peak or Mount Pleasant of Edinboro.  Out in Wattsburg, theyre thinking cross country skiing at the Wilderness Lodge.

Sunday, the PA Nordic Championship was held just outside of Wattsburg.

Since its start in 1993, the PA Nordic Championship has only been canceled six times due to lack of snow.  The latest cancellation was just last year.

Over 120 cross country skiers from multiple states and countries were eager to compete at the Wilderness Lodge.

"We love this venue, this is a great, great place, Wilderness Lodge.  I've been coming up here for years.  And we're fortunate to have great grooming, great ownership up here to work with, to partnership with, says race director, Brian Joly.

The race serves as a fundraiser for the Pennsylvania Cross Country Skiers Association.  The Wilderness Lodge is more than happy to welcome the skiers.

"This is a family run business.  We've been here for over 40 years.  And we're involved with cross country skiing, and we're one of the biggest places in the region, frankly.  And we're very lucky cause, we happen to have snow here, says lodge owner, Roger Junes.

Skier Kristin Lazzara has been skiing her whole life and was excited for the PA Nordic Championship to be back again this year.

"Just really excited, it was great conditions, and they always put on a really great race here, so, says Kristin.

She thinks you should give cross country skiing a try, "It's just great to help you enjoy the winter and get out and enjoy the cold and the snow."

Brian and Roger say the biggest concern they hear from people possibly wanting to try cross country skiing is theyre afraid to get hurt.  Well, they say, give it a shot. At the Wilderness Lodge, they have all the modern equipment you need to give it a go.

You know it takes a little bit of, if you have some patience with it, and you have somebody who will introduce you to the sport, that's usually the way things go the best, says Brian.

"If you're looking to get a little bit of exercise it's a great place to be.  If you're one of those people that's into biking or triathlons and things like that, this is a wonderful winter activity, says Roger.

He also says the Wilderness Lodge offers cross country skiing lessons, and theres a very active youth program.

So for mom and dad, you can hang inside the lodge to keep warm.

For more information about the Wilderness Lodge, click here.